Bait Tech Poloni Boilies

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Poloni boilie as a year round food source
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Bait Tech Poloni Boilies
Bait Tech
Poloni Shelf Life Boilies

A ​​​high protein, highly digestible and proven bait from Bait Tech.
The Poloni boilie is an all year round food source packed with natural spice ingredients that have a distinct aroma, flavour and taste.
Essential and complex amino acid profile with feed triggers and stimulants this bait has accounted for some staggering catches.
It’s built in flavour compound has a release leakage that spans days rather than hours and intense response triggers permeate for prolonged activity periods.
  • High protein, rich food source
  • Stuffed with natural attractors
  • Strong aroma
  • 14mm & 18mm
  • Shelf life
  • 1kg packs

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Brand: Bait Tech
Weight: 1kg