Bait Tech Pro Natural Lake Dark

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Fine dark groundbait for lakes canals and slow rivers
Bait Tech Pro Natural Lake Dark
Bait Tech
Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark
New for 2018 from the Bait Tech team is addition to their Pro Natural range Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark

Lake is an enhanced Pro Natural ground bait that has been milled finer and made dark using a natural pigment which means this ground bait holds its colour.

As with all the Pro Natural range 'Lake' is rich in coconut, molasses and hemp and has been perfected to hold feeding fish in your swim for longer periods. 

Perfect for use on slow moving rivers, natural lakes and canals. It can be easily squeezed  together to use with a catapult, to ball in or to feed little and often. This mix will attract all species of fish and keep them feeding in your swim. Because of its fast breakdown it is perfect for feeder and float fishing.
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Weight: 1.5kg
Brand: Bait Tech