Bait Tech Triple N Boilies

Made of the highly successful ingredients Tiger Nuts, Peanut and Hazelnut meals.
Bait Tech Triple N Boilies

Bait Tech

Tripe N Boilies

The Triple-N boilie from Bait Tech is made using a triple nut blend of the highly successful ingredients, Tiger Nuts, Peanut and Hazelnut meals and flours. These are mixed at optimum levels to produce an exceptionally high quality food source boilie. To maintain the correct nutritional balance, they have used refined milk proteins, along with high quality bird foods. The reduced fat peanut blend ensures a boilie range that is highly digestible. Bait Tech have included a liquid food attractor which adds a sweet and creamy back note.

  • High in attraction
  • Roasted Nuts
  • Highly nutritional
  • 15mm & 18mm
  • Shelf life
  • 1 kilo bags

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Brand: Bait Tech
Weight: 1kg