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Dave Harrell

DH 14 Pole Floats

Silver fish pattern is a great choice for catching Roach and other silver fish on canals and slow moving rivers. The differing lengths of the bristles make it ultra visible at a distance, which important for spotting shy bites from the likes of Roach. Dotting the bristle right down will also show hold up bites.

The silver fish pattern is typically shotted with the shot strung out offering a slow falling hook bait, when fished with baits like hemp, casters, maggots, and pinkies. 

Here are some additional tips for fishing the silver fish pattern:

  • Use the lightest float and line you can get away with. This will help to get the hook bait to fall as natural as possible.
  • On rivers Roach and Dace love flowing water up to around 8ft deep, so this is where you're most likely to find them.
  • Fishing a canal look to fish up and down the near side and far side slope, careful plumming up is needed. A 0.1g - 0.3g float is often perfect.
  • Be patient. It may take some time to get a bite, but it's worth it when you do!

I hope these tips help you to catch some roach with the silver fish pattern!

The DH 14 pattern features a balsa body, hollow plastic bristle, and a carbon stem.


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Dave Harrell DH14 Pole Floats

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Ideal float for silver fish on the canal or river