Dave Harrell No1 Truncheon Waggler Floats

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A fantastic waggler float for long trotting.
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Dave Harrell No1 Truncheon Waggler Floats
Dave Harrell
No1 Truncheon Wagglers
The tapered design of this float results in a float with the same diameter top and the same buoyancy as the Standard Speci Waggler but with a lot more length. It is therefore a better design in deeper water and for coping with difficult downstream wind. It’s also an excellent stillwater float in situations where you need a buoyant top but more length than traditional pellet wagglers.

The Truncheon waggler is one of Scott's fave long trotting floats you read more about his fishing wagglers on the river here.
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  • Yellow / Orange
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Brand: Dave Harrell Angling