Dave Harrell Straight Peacock Waggler Floats

Straight peacock waggler float
Dave Harrell Straight Peacock Waggler Floats
Dave Harrell
Straight Peacock Wagglers
This is the float to use when you need more buoyancy in the tip of the float and takes over where the insert waggler leaves off and it can be used on rivers or stillwaters. Always use sufficient locking shot around the float to comfortably cast to the distance you require. Down the line, use a No8 or No6 shot for every two feet of water plus a No8 on the hooklength. For a swim eight feet deep therefore I would recommend four No8 or four No6 shot plus that all-important hooklength shot, positioned ten inches from the hook.
  • 5BB
  • 4AAA
  • Yellow / Orange
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Weight: 0.03kg
Brand: Dave Harrell Angling