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Sensate Original

Powerful flavour that spreads fast and is behind Fjuka's amazing catch rates.

Sensate can be added to your hook baits, particles, groundbait mixes and pellets. give you the ability to change things about. Especially good if you have to use fishery own pellets. A quick squirt will totally change the flavour and scent profile of boring fishery own pellets that everyone else is using.

Don't forget a little goes a long way!

The attractants in Sensate™ are carried by very fine food particles - just 0.4 micro-metres in diameter – that’s 0.4 thousandths of a millimetre. So, when Sensate™ hits the lake, river or ocean these particles start to disperse instantly, forming a cloud of flavour and a powerful taste trail to your bait.

3000 times the bio-available flavour

Billions of micro-food-particles also mean a greater surface area of available taste and smell. In fact Sensate's™  micro-nutrients have 3,000 times the surface area of a normal oil-based flavour - that’s 3000 times more taste and smell for the fish to detect.


1) Hookbaits: Add a couple of drops of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant direct to your hookbait. 

2) Pellets & groundbait: add a couple of drops of Sensate™ to water used to soak your pellets, or mix your groundbaits.

3) Feeders: add a squirt of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant to your loaded feeder to bring fish in fast.

NB the red colour of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant ‘Original’ is not a dye and will not colour your bait. Bottle not full to rim allowing room for activation - shake vigorously to activate.

95ml bottle


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Fjuka Sensate Original

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