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Sweet Sensate Original​​​​​​​

Sweet Sensate Fish Accelerant uses Sensate’s proven technology, but has a sweet taste and smell – The prefect bait tweek when fishing for F1s, Carp, Skimmers, Bream, Tench. ​​​

Original and Dark are both fully tested and approved by the 10K strong Fjuka Anglers Group, anglers had great results on pellets, corn, meat, groundbait, as hookbait dips etc. 

The Original version is a great choice for light coloured baits such as corn, groundbait, micros etc and well suited to warmer weather and coloured water.

Billions of quick release attractants in every drop

8 attractants, stimulants & taste enhancers 

Plus blocker to neutralise fish-repellents (sweat, fuel, sunscreen)

Micro-nutrients release taste & flavour into water instantly

95ml 1000:1 concentrate literally billions of quick release particles in every drop


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Fjuka Sweet Sensate Original

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Sensate Sweet Liquid additive