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Fjuka Baits

Hookable Wafters Mixed Fluoro Tubs

Really easy to use simply hook directly, or use a bait spike, hair rig, or band.

SINGLE OUT BIG FISH: small-fish-resistant texture PLUS sustained release of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant.

NEUTRAL BUOYANCY EASILY SUCKED UP: by carp, F1s, bream, tench, skimmers & all coarse fish.

LACED with SENSATE™ FISH ACCELERANT: David Preston’s quick release attractant.

BLEND IN or STAND OUT: 4 fluoro colours - pink, orange, white, yellow - PLUS neutral-natural.

SLOW SINKING NEUTRAL BUOYANCY BAITS: grab the attention of cruising fish with zero resistance to bait being sucked in.

PERFECT ON METHOD, BOMB or POLE: hookable yet resilient; fish with confidence knowing Hookable Wafters are there when big fish arrive.

SUSTAINED RELEASE of SENSATE™ ATTRACTANTS: tougher texture withstands small fish and creates a continuous leakage of Sensate™. As Sensate™ content of water rises, it attracts F1s, crucians & big carp. As well as bream, tench & barbel.

FAST-HOOK MAXIMISES FISHING TIME: unique texture makes hooking and hair-rigging simple & quick.

ALWAYS FISHING-READY: long shelf life means Hookable Wafters are ready for whenever you want to fish. 



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Fjuka Wafter Mixed Tubs

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