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 Hayabusa HSDE 194

A lightweight fine wire spade-end hook, is my go to hook choice for those tricky conditions where fish are wary and demand a delicate presentation.  I find it them perfect when targeting skimmers and roach with bread punch or pinkies on the canal.

My Go-to hook for Bread Punch and Pinkie Fishing

When it comes to bread punch fishing, the HSDE 194 truly shines. The wide gape and semi-crystal bend create a perfect hook for the bread punch, the gape makes hooking easier and the shape of the bend allows the bread to present correctly with out masking the hook point. This also goes for fishing the pinkie, I find it's just right for double dead pinkie.

Pack of 15

Nickel finish

Key Features

  • Fine wire: Enables a natural bait fall, mimicking real food sources and attracting even the most cautious fish.

  • Wide gape: makes for easier hooking and better hooksets.

  • Medium shank: Offers a versatile balance between bait presentation and hook hold.

  • Semi-crystal bend: Optimizes hook penetration and ensures secure hooksets.

  • Whisker barb: Helps with hook hold.

  • Japanese forged carbon steel: Renowned for its exceptional strength and durability.

  • Chemically sharpened: Delivers razor-sharpness for secure hooksets.

  • Strong construction: Despite its fine wire construction, the HSDE 194 is remarkably strong, capable of handling even the most spirited fish.

A Must-Have for Every Angler's Tackle Box

With its exceptional performance, versatility, and durability, the Hayabusa HSDE 194 has earned a top spot in my tackle box. Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, this hook is a must-have for anyone targeting skimmers and roach. So, grab a pack of Hayabusa HSDE 194 hooks and experience the difference that quality craftsmanship can make!


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Hayabusa 194 Hooks

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Fine wire hooks prefect for Skimmers and Roach