Kegworth AC Cranes Pond Tickets

A mixed fishery the lake is prefect for all abilities with a good head of silvers through to Tench and Carp.
A gated and gravelled car park with 26 permanent pegs around the lake and 15 on the a joining river access is very good.

Match bookings are welcome for both the river and lake.

More information can be found here Kegworth Angling Society

Junior (up 16 yrs) Free when accompanying a season ticket holder

A non fishing parent / guardian ticket for Juniors please get in touch to find out more.

Fishing is from Dawn till Dusk only

2021 - 2022 season tickets

Renewals available from 1st May until 15th June. Renewals must present a 2020 season ticket. 

Tickets to new members available from 16th June.

Concessions £30

Adults £50

Ticket sales cash only