Kodex Anti Tangle Rig

Anti Tangle braid rig for carp and specimen fishing
Kodex Anti Tangle Rig
Kodex Tackle
Anti Tangle Braid Rigs 
Suitable for many venues and ideal for many types of baits, from boilies to pellets to pop-ups. These braid rigs are well made from quality components that won't let you down. Using Kodex Japanese wide gape hooks, tied to to a soft braid that will bend in to most lake / river beds. The addition of an anti tangle sleeve helps kick out the rig on the cast, meaning less tangles.
Very well thought out rig.
  • Ideal for bottom or pop up baits
  • Anti glare wide gape hook
  • Soft braid
  • Anti tangle
  • 14.5cm 15lb
  • 2 pr pk
  • Barbless or Microbarb
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Brand: Kodex
Weight: 0.002kg