Kodex Black 7 Strand Wire Trace

7 strand dull black wire trace
Kodex Black 7 Strand Wire Trace
Kodex Tackle
Black 7 Strand Wire Trace

This trace material has actually been available for quite a while but pike anglers are only now seeing the benefits of using it! It does not kink very easily and can even be knotted making it ideal for making up your own specialist rigs. It's also suitable for use with Kodex Slim Crimps.
The finish is soft and camouflaged and rigs tend to last longer. Standard wire traces are often damaged after one take which can then lead to lost fish. It is made using hi-grade extra supple stainless wire in seven strands which then has an outer made from braided tecmilion.
  • Ultra fine
  • Dull black
  • 20lb
  • 28lb
  • 20mtr
  • 7 strand wire
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Brand: kodex
Product Code: 741
Weight: 0.045kg