Kodex DBX Specimen Net

Specialist spoon net for the specimen angler
Kodex DBX Specimen Net
Kodex Tackle
DBX Wide Frame Specimen Net
Big triangular Carp nets don't really cut the mustard for the Barbel or river specimen angling. Even in their smaller sizes they tend to be to deep with no strength in the front. Which makes using them in flowing water near impossible. That last lunge to get that prize fish in can see the net collapse and or be dragged a way in the flow. 
The answer is this cracking net from Kodex is a 26" (64cm) Net with a deep, specimen-size soft polyester mesh and full frame. It is designed to be in between a spoon and pan shape, and has dull-green camo netting with matt black frame and beefed up spreader block. Perfect for barbel, chub, tench and carp. 
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Brand: Kodex
Weight: 0.6kg