Long Eaton Victoria AS Tickets

Long Eaton Victoria
Angling Society
Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society was formed in March 1880 by a group of regulars at the Victoria Inn, Main Street, Long Eaton.

With a selection of water ranging from Canals to still waters these include:

The Cranfleet and the Erewash Canals, Parts of the rivers Soar and Trent, and still waters Fletchers and the Grange pond.

Full Season tickets run 1st May - 30th April (Closed season operates on the Soar Trent and Cranfleet Canal)
Adult tickets £27
Concessions £15
Junior £8
2018 - 2019 Winter ticket £15 from 1st November only
Fine net of winter silvers from the Horse shoe meadow Looking up Murcotts meadow

LEVAS season tickets are only available from our Kegworth store.