Long Eaton Victoria AS Tickets

Long Eaton Victoria
Angling Society
Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society was formed in March 1880 by a group of regulars at the Victoria Inn, Main Street, Long Eaton.

With a selection of water ranging from Canals to still waters these include:

The Cranfleet and the Erewash Canals, Parts of the rivers Soar and Trent, and the Grange pond.

Full Season tickets run 1st May - 30th April (Closed season operates on the Soar Trent and Cranfleet Canal)
Adult tickets £30
Concessions £20
Junior £10
Winter tickets from 1st November only
Fine net of winter silvers from the Horse shoe meadow Looking up Murcotts meadow

LEVAS season tickets are currently only available from our LEVAS. click here for more information