Middy 4g 390 13' Waggler Rod

X-Flex 4G 390 Waggler, Available to order.
Middy 4g 390 13' Waggler Rod
Middy Tackle
4g 390 13ft Waggler Rod
The X-Flex 4G 390 Waggler is a conventional three piece construction, super slim with a softer tip section, yet more powerful overall than its predecessors.
At 13ft this rod lends its self to being an around float rod, whether your fishin commercials or rivers. The soft tip is spot on for light hook links and small hooks for silver fishing. With the extra power in the rest of the rod it'll more than cope with big lumps if needed.
  • MTDI X-Flex carbon wrap. 
  • Original S.I.C. guides.
  • Full cork handle and a super slim ergonomic soft-touch reel seat.
  • 13' (3.9m).
  • Three sections.
  • Main line: 8lb (3.6kg), Hook length: 6lb (2.7kg).
  • Casting Weights: 2g-15g
​Available to order
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Weight: 2kg
Brand: Middy