Middy Baggin Silverfish keepnet

Ideal all round net for rivers, canal and lakes
Middy Baggin Silverfish keepnet

Middy Tackle
Baggin Machine Silver Fish Keepnet

These more traditional mono silverfish keepnets are ideal for all general coarse fishing requirements including rivers, ponds and canals.
They come with a Six-Plus adjust angle lock fitting, plus the top ring features a rod rest divot Middy have also added stake out D-rings to the base of the net.

Quality mono material will shake-dry virtually instantly. With anti-rot seven-stitching, the net is fishery-approved ideal for use as a silverfish-only net option on commercials where they insist on keeping carp separate from silverfish.

  • Fishery Approved
  • Ideal for Rivers, Canals, Lakes
  • Quick dry free flow mesh
  • Adjustable angle lock
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Weight: 0.5kg
Brand: middy