Middy CS38 Baggin Machine Handle

If you need a versatile strong long landing net handle.
Middy CS38 Baggin Machine Handle

Middy Tackle
Baggin Machine Carp Handle 3.8m

The new updated version of Middy Tackle's very popular Baggin Machine landing net handle. The CS38 carp handle is very strong for use on commercial carp venues but with its 3.8m length its also great for rivers, gravel pits and canals.
Its clever design gives multiple length options, the reversible mini extension allows it to be used as a very short 1.04m platform stick or you can use it at 2.05m, 2.7m, 3.12m or at its full length of 3.8m making for an extremely useful bit of kit.

  • Carbon reinforced joints
  • Five length options
  • Detachable mini end
  • Fully take apart
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Weight: 1kg
Brand: Middy