Middy Fresh Seal Tub

Not a Maggot tub but a tub with lots of uses
Middy Fresh Seal Tub
Middy Tackle
Fresh Seal Bait Tub
We think these new fresh seal boxes from Middy are great idea for keeping your baits fresh.
As they are near air tight they are prefect for keeping your casters fresh in the fridge, No more bag burnt shells!

Ideal for other baits like Bread crumb, Cooked hemp, Meat, Sweet corn, Pellets the list goes on.
With a low profile they are very stable on a bait tray and the oblong design allows many to fit nicely with out taking up to much room.

Available in 1/2 pint and 1.1pint versions.

Note: This is not a maggot tub
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Brand: Middy