Middy Hi-Viz Shock Core Pole Elastic

Very very popular hollow core elastic.
Middy Hi-Viz Shock Core Pole Elastic
Hi-Viz Shock Core

For many years, Hi-Viz has been recognised as one of the best elastics on the market. When Middy added the hollow Shock Core to its range it was no surprise that it became very, very popular in a short amount of time. It is made from a special mix of creamed and centrifuged lattices that give it incredible strength and stretch. The centre is made from natural liquid latex with a bright fluorescent outer. You get 3m on a spool and it is available in grades 1-5 Green, 4-8 Orange, 6-10 Yellow, 10-14 Pink 12-16 Red and 18-22 Blue.
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Brand Middy
Weight 0.1kg