Middy Pro Inter Catapults

Pouched catapults including a groundbait pult.
Middy Pro Inter Catapults
Middy Tackle
Pro Inter Catapults

Very versatile pult from Middy, We find these catapults ideal for many situations from fishing rivers to firing boilies out on a large Carp waters.
Strong frames with quality latex elastics and pouch's.
  • Pro inter frame 321 is a great river pult with a smaller pouch it lends it's self to maggots, casters and small pellets.
  • Pro large frame 317 has a large pouch for getting plenty of bait out in one go. Prefect of maggots, casters, particles, pellets and boilies.
  • Pro Groundbait pult ia a strong robust framed caty with a specially designed pouch for firing balls of groundbait. Equipped with super power thick natural latex.
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Brand: Middy
Weight: 0.15kg