Middy Reactacore Landing Net Handle

4 meter fully take apart net handle
Middy Reactacore Landing Net Handle
Middy Tackle
Reactacore XZ65-3 Ultra-Control 4m​ Land net Handle

Middy's new flagship landing handle, the XZ65-3 Reactacore is fully take-apart and it's built using their Quad four-layer carbon technology which aids the strength of the handle.
In addition, the XZ65-3 handle benefits from special Maximus weave wrap joints. This help to prolonged-life joints and also increases the strength even further.
With a weight of just 350g at it's full 4m length! it is a great bit of kit to use on the rivers when fishing long top kits to hand. A very versatile handle that actually gives you five different length options, with two threads connections effectively giving you two strength options as well for carp/silvers.
  • 350g at 4 mtrs
  • Fully take apart
  • 5 length options
  • Carp or Silver
  • Two keepnet treads
  • Comes with its own bag
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Weight: 1kg
Brand: Middy