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Middy Tackle

Soft Land Pellet Stubbee Floats

Designed by Lee Thornton these new Stubby floats have been designed to try and create minimal water disturbance when fishing baggin' style up-in-the-water tactics, thanks to their reversed weights and extra light AAA-balsa construction.

No additional shot required, Just simple float stops or pellet float adaptors

On venues where fish have become wise to the splash sound of a float entering the water, these are definitely a good idea to try 

Top tip: By using lower diameter / lighter lines with a 12ft or 13ft rod you'll be surprised how well they'll cast to a good distance, and land with a super-soft landing and very little splash even with with little line feathering!

Soft-Land Pellet Stubbees are available in three different weights - 1SSG (1.6g), 2SSG (3.2g) and 3SSG (4.8g). 


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Middy Soft Land Pellet Stubbee

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Shallow Pellet waggler floats