Middy Stargrip 5ifty Carp Keepnet

50lb commercial keepnet from Middy
Middy Stargrip 5ifty Carp Keepnet
Middy Tackle
Stargrip Fifty Keepnet
The StarGrip 5ifty is Middy Tackles new commercial 50lb carp sack keepnet. The compact size of the StarGrip 5ifty is ideal for fishing a three or four keepnet setup where fisheries impose a 50lb net limit, although it will of course hold more than 50lb per net if required.
Made from thick polyester super-soft carp-sack cloth material it has been uniquely designed to attach perfectly onto match seatbox systems.
The 10mm diameter bottom rings are super strong with steel clamping device to keep them weighted down.  
Other features include pull-out weighing-in handles, cushioned intermediate rings with anti-wear protective webbing and a quality robust brass thread.
  • Unique fixed 5 degree seatbox attachment
  • Pull out weighing in handles
  • Cushioned intermediate rings
  • Weight bottom rings
  • 18x14" top ring
  • 9ft long
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Weight: 1kg
Brand: Middy