Middy Supra Dry Landing Net

Quick dry / anti hook up net
Middy Supra Dry Landing Net

Middy Tackle

Supra Dry Spoon Landing Net

These net were designed in consultation with Match This champion and England international Rob Wootton. 

The special-mesh used to make the net has a unique surface that repels water, so it remains lightweight and cuts through the water easily. 

You will find the frame is exceptionally strong, Middy have even used a polymer spreader block to keep the overall weight of the net very low.

I personally have been using the 18" version for natural venue fishing and find it just perfect. The more open mesh allows easier shipping in flowing water making controlling the net even on a 4mtr handle a lot easier.

The unique mesh actually helps reduce net hook ups to, as a natural venue angler I use mirco barbed hooks and they do come out.  


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Brand: Middy
Weight: 0.2kg