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Nisa Feeders

Bite Master Indicator

One problem which can occur when fishing the Pole Feeder is that bites can be missed as fast biting fish feel the pole tip, because the rig is so direct.

This clever bit of kit not only signals these bites but cushions the effect of the pole so that the fish do not feel the resistance and give a much more positive, hittable bite.

The indicator is fixed on the line just above the surface, via the silicone tube and the looped end attached to the pole connector (also works with dacron connectors).

A small portion of line is pulled through the rubber to form a loop so when a biting fish stretches the elastic there is no direct resistance, and the bite is clearly seen.

​​​​​​​I personally find most of the time the light version is perfect even if there's a good flow on, The medium I only use if it's proper banging through. Heavy I'd most likely of stayed at home if it was that bad!


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Nisa Bite Master Indicator

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