Savage Gear Perch Lure

Soft Perch Lure or predator fishing
Savage Gear Perch Lure
Savage Gear
Soft Play Perch Lure
The guys at Savage Gear have studied in detail fish behavior, to create a series of lures that will provoke aggressive strikes from the predator fish!.

The Soft Play series of lures are all based on a 3D Scan of a real fish and will amaze you in detail, realism and incredible swimming action!

The high Body profile, gives the most amazing S-curve action, that cuts and slides to the side on spin stop – just driving the Pike crazy!

• Superior 3D details and Realism
• Incredible Swimming action
• Hard foam inner harness, soft outer body
• Line thru concept
• Swinging treble on line thru modifier
• 22.5g 13cm
• 2 Lures per pack
• Ultra Sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles
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Brand: Savage Gear
Weight: 0.1kg