Soar Baits CSL Liquid Additive

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A sweet stick liquid that Carp love
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Soar Baits CSL Liquid Additive

Soar Baits

CSL Liquid Bait Additive

Corn steep Liquor aka CSL, A product made from steeping corn. A sweet smelling / boozy liquid that is used in the food industry as well as fishing.

A bit of an old school bait additive that was often added to bread mash to create a cloud of scent in the water. This method was often used on flooded waters when after Chub using a big bit of bread flake on the hook.

Carp love CSL add to spod mixes to give of a big cloud in the water. Bream love the stuff to, try adding to Brown crumb and balling out or putting through a feeder.

A few small squirts is all that is need to Spod mixes, or a good squirt in groundbaits, can be used in boilie mixes as well as a bait dip

120ml bottle

Not PVA friendly

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Brand: Soar Baits
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