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Soar Baits
Dry Hemp Seed

Hemp needs no introduction, This little seed has been an amazing fish magnet for hundreds of years. Whether your after the humble Roach or Specimen Carp, Hemp should always be apart of your baiting campaign. We have worked hard to track down quality hemp seed that actually splits!. Our hemp has a green colour to it in it's uncooked form which gives you a good idea on the quality.


You will need to prepare your hemp before using it, this is very easy to do. By far the easiest is to boil in a pan for around 30mins or until the white kernal just starts to split from the seed. For the best results my tip would be, Soak over night in a lidded bucket. You'll proberbly find that most of the seed has started to split after soaking over night. Empty some of the soaked seed and water in to a pan and boil until the white Kernal is showing properly from the seed. (note you may need to add a bit more water while boiling)

Allow seed to cool in the water used to boil, while cooling add half a tablespoon of sugar pr pint or better still 100ml of liquid Molasses.
Once cooled drain of water in to a container to use later for mixing groundbaits etc.


Soar Baits
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Soar Baits Hemp Seed

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Hemp seed seed has been an amazing fish magnet for hundreds of years.