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Soar Baits
Molehill Soil Groundbait
Prepared and ready to use straight from the bag, We have taken out the hassle of preparing Molehill for fishing.
We carefully blend soil types thus creating a soil that's not to sandy nor to sticky with clay. You will find that you will be able to squeeze our mole hill into a ball straight from the bag!.
Prefect for creating a slow sinking cloud with no feed content on those tough canal days. By running a damp hand through the soil you'll be able to make the soil bind a little more, giving just enough bind when your wanting to feed squats with out the use of ground baits.
90% dry and fully sieved to remove all unwanted debris leaving a Molehill that with little effort will bind straight from the bag.

Molehill soil is a prefect addition to ground baits and for adding bulk to your Joker when Bloodworm fishing.
  • Ready to use
  • Fully sieved through
  • 90% dry 


Soar Baits
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Soar Baits Molehill

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Molehill groundbait with out the hassle