Soar Baits Prepared Hemp

Cooked on site in our own unique way.
Soar Baits Prepared Hemp
Soar Baits Signature range

Ready to go Hemp
Our own ready prepared Hemp. Cooked on site in our own unique way which gives a high split rate and keeps maximum amount of oil in the seed, instead of boiling it out as with most ready prepared hemp and the market.

A very pungent almost nutty and hoppy smell with high in oil content, we don't think you'll find a better prepared hemp anywhere.

Our hemp is free from the preservatives and additives that other companies use as we have found this removes the natural nutty / hoppy smell. To make your hemp PVA friendly we recommend mixing in a pva friendly glug or even better us Sensas Aromix Hemp.
4 stars based on 1 review
Brian Ellis
from Loughborough

Best ready prepared hemp I've come across, far better than the stuff that comes in tins.

Brand: Soar Baits
Weight: 0.7kg