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Soar Baits Signature Range

Spiced Canal Crumb
Spiced canal crumb, often referred to as 'punch crumb' is part of our Signature range of baits, and is one to reach for when the water is canal carrying colour or turned gin clear in cold winter conditions. The light spice aroma will help fish home in on your baited area, and a falling hook bait. Being slightly off white the crumb also makes for an enticing cloud ground bait with the spices with little feed content holding fish searching the area for food.
Spices disperse well in water even if its cold. You'll know from home cooking how little spice you need to infuse flavour and scent into something.
Our spice canal crumb is easy to mix, and I've found by far the best way is to add a pint or two to a clean bucket and slowly add water using wet hand or atomiser spray.This way you can slowly build the crumb into the consistancy you want whether that be a drier cloud mix or slightly wetter to get the mix down through water
I also like to mix it twice by bringing the mix to just about right then running it through a 4mm sieve to remove any lumps and to make sure an even spread of water.  You may find you need a touch more water for your prefect mix.
850g bags


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Soar Baits Spiced Canal Crumb

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Spiced Punch Crumb.