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Soar Baits Signature Range

Spiced Canal Crumb
Spiced canal crumb, often referred to as 'punch crumb' is part of our Signature range of baits, and is one to reach for when the canal is carrying colour or turned gin clear in cold winter conditions. Our crumb features a subtle spice aroma that is irresistible to fish, drawing them to your baited area. The slightly off-white colour also makes for an enticing cloud groundbait in gin clear conditions, while the spices, and low feed content, keep fish searching the area for more.
The spice blend used in this crumb is carefully selected for its ability to disperse well in water, even in cold temperatures. This means that the flavor and scent of the crumb are released slowly and effectively, giving you an edge over the competition.

Our Crumb is Easy to Use

Mixing Soar Baits Signature Range Spiced Canal Crumb is straightforward . Start by adding a pint or two of the crumb to a clean bucket and gradually add water using wet hands or an atomiser spray. This method allows for precise control over the consistency, ensuring you achieve the desired texture, whether it's a drier cloud mix or a slightly wetter blend it you want to create an area on the canal bottom.

Scotts Tips

For the perfect punch crumb, consider mixing up at home the night before. Sieving the crumb twice during mixing, once on first wetting and once before bagging up ready for the following day. I find leaving overnight allows the crumb to abosrb the water throughly ensuring the prefect mix. You may need to adjust the water content slightly depending the follow day depending on how you want the mix to work for you.

850g bags


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Soar Baits Spiced Canal Crumb

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Spiced Punch Crumb.