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Marcel Van Den Eynde
DM aka Pigeon Sh*t
Now known as DM you may well think that this groundbait is a bit of a gimmick but its far from that.
Originally called Pigeon Sh*t it and is actually made from racing pigeon poo!. It's a groundbait that has been used to great success by top continental anglers for many years, and was briefly over here until the up rise commercial carp fishing. Now with the resurgence of the canal and river angler it's back.

Roach just seem to love the stuff, with it being full of high quality fine seed particles. Mixing it with Supercup or Supermatch makes for a deadly fish magnet on the canal.   


Van Den Eynde

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Van Den Eynde Pigeon Sh*t

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Proper classic groundbait Pigeon poo!