Van Den Eynde Supercup

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Possibly one of Van Den Eynde's best known groundbaits.
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Van Den Eynde Supercup
Marcel Van Den Eynde

It's been around for years and many a match angler will know the name 'Supercup'.

Super cup is quite a light groundbait-mix that was designed to attract roach and bream when fishing in still- or slow moving waters.

A perfect mix to use when fishing for small fish, especially Roach and Skimmers, feeding little and often. A good squeeze will get a ball down through water to about 10 feet before quickly breaking down. A lighter squeeze gives off a slow sinking cloud.

Supercup is excellent for adding to heavier groundbaits when you need to give your swim that little kick-start.

Available in black or red.
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Weight: 1kg
Brand: Van Den Eynde